Land Rover Performance Upgrades - Achieve More Power & Torque with Greater Fuel Economy with Hereford 4x4 Performance Tuning.

We are engine tuning and re-mapping specialists,  using the latest Autologic technology to remap your vehicle unlocking a significant amount of additional power and torque while achieiving greater fuel efficiency. 


As you are probably aware, vehicle manufacturer's standard engine tune is a compromise of hundreds of factors including fuel quality, climate and altitude. The manufacturer must ensure a high degree of engine reliability across the worldwide market taking into account all these factors. A global brand like Land Rover needs to offer a standard tune to ensure vehicles perform well across a vast range of variable factors - not just fuel quality but widely varying climatic conditions ranging from jungle heat and humidity, the arid desert and the freezing arctic.

Our performance tunes are optimized for the European market where the fuel quality is excellent and the climate temperate, enabling us to optimise your engines performance and unlock its true potential.

Most Land Rover ECUs (engine control units) are flash programmable, allowing modification to the manufacturers' vehicle tune data, to improve the performance and smoothness of the engine. Our performance tunes are downloaded to the vehicles engine control unit through the on-board diagnostic connector.

Unlike most digital chips and cheaper downloads, all our Land Rover performance tunes are fully developed and tested and provide reliable engine power, they also comply with UK emissions laws. Insurance companies should be notified of any engine modifications that have been carried out on your vehicle, however, our performance upgrade is invisible and it is impossible to detect that the engine tune data has been modified.


Hereford 4x4 performance tuning for Land Rover models including Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Discovery, Freelander and Defender. We also undertake performance tuning on a wide range of 4x4 and SUVs.