Four Wheel Alignment - Improve Drive & Handling on your Land Rover


Wheel alignment is an important part of vehicle performance and safety and should not be overlooked. If you are experiencing uneven tyre wear, pulling to the left or right, uncentred steering wheel, or poor handling, alignment should be checked as soon as possible. If changes or upgrades have been made to the suspension or steering we recommend checking vehicle alignment. 


An alignment check is not only relevent when you experience a problem or following vehicle  modification. Routine alignments (eg at the time of a service) can transform the handling and drivability of your car.


With the current condition of the UK's roads, it is very easy for your car to come out of alignment. Drivers should be aware, there is a big difference between a basic tracking check performed by a high street tyre outlet and a full specialist 4 wheel laser alignment adjustment. We use the market leading Hunter Pro-align which uses sophisticated technology and is designed to realign your car back to its original factory settings, ensuring the very best driving and handling possible, together with improved fuel efficiency and reduced tyre wear. 


Four wheel alignment in Hereford from Hereford 4x4 - for Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Range Rover Sport, Discovery, Freelander, Defender and all 4x4 and SUVs.